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Grading Policy

  1. Each student’s academic performance is based upon the department’s established grading criteria.

  2. Every teacher is to explain the grading criteria orally and in writing at the beginning of the term to students and parents.

  3. No student’s grade may be reduced automatically based on attendance.

  4. Students absent for good cause are to be given an opportunity to make-up missed work, including examinations.

  5. Failures may run from 55% to 60%. The ratings for each reporting period should be consistent with the final rating.

  6. Marks are in multiples of 5 from 55 90, and multiples of 1 from 90 - 100. *Remember a grade of 100 represents perfection, only give if warranted.

  7. Third Marking period marks for semester courses and sixth marking period marks for year courses for pupils who fail at the end should be 55%.

  8. **High school classes which cover two (2) terms and terminate in a Regents’ examination must be annualized for grading purposes. Teachers must explain the policy of an annualized class to their students and inform them that any student taking a Regents course which is needed for graduation cannot receive credit for the course until the Regents exam is passed.

School-Wide Grading Policy